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Some people are just jerks

Some people are just jerks

Reminds of a story that happened to me when I was staying in another city for school. I was a broke student and didn’t have very much money. Had very basic possessions like a CD player, my computer but no internet, books, and so on. This place that I had to stay at for a couple months was not very good, the house was falling apart basically.

Anyways there was this guy there. He was obviously very disturbed. He would not leave his room during daylight. He had blackout curtains in his room, a massive 60 inch TV, he pretended that he was not an alcoholic but you could hear beer bottles clinking in his room (he would have been kicked out if the landlord found out he was drinking, they knew each other).

Anyways, needless to say, I was a young, opinionated worker and student, and he was… well, I’m not sure what he was. But one day, a young man from India came to the door of the house and was seeking a room to rent. So I sought out the alcoholic guy, because it was his job to give them the information.

This guy goes off on a racist tangent, tells the guy there are no rooms for rent, and shuts the door on him and goes back to his room. I notice this and run out the door, tell the guy to wait while I call the real land lord.

The real land lord, (who was not a good person either), told me it was all right and he would deal with it. Meanwhile that Indian guy was sitting nervously on the couch while me and the alcoholic argued. I told him that I’d call the city and have the house torn down if I ever seen anything like that again.

During the time I was there, he also muttered about an experience he had. He went to a psychologist, who obviously diagnosed the sick man with a plethora of disorders. He stormed out very angrily, calling him racial epithets.

So from practical experience and first hand confirmation, I know that individuals who condemn psychologists or therapists are terrified of their own mind, they are very sick, afraid, and lying to themselves. There is nothing on earth that requires more courage from an individual then to begin to confront their own terrifying psychology. Everyone needs to do this, the fact that they do not is why the world has so many problems. Ultimately we need to become our own psychologists, but we also need to reach out for help.

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