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Crazy collectors

Crazy collectors

I worked at Toys R Us when I was in high school (97-99ish) which was when Pokemon was HUGE. We had these huge posters that were in the windows, I’m talking like 4×6′ massive posters with different pokemon scenes and characters and stuff on them.

Anyway, they were taking them down one day and I was like “can i have those?” Since I was the first person to ask, I got them.

I should have sold them on eBay. Crazy parents would’ve paid a ton for them. But I was like no, I want them.

eBay was crazy in the late 90’s. Do you remember people were paying thousands for Beanie Babies? And there was like this one Pokemon Beanie Baby type thing that was super expensive on eBay, too? Jigglypuff maybe? I remember whenever we got a shipment in I would look for a Jigglypuff (or whichever one it was) but I never found one.

You know what’s sad? We’d have a lot of adult collectors come in and buy all the valuable Hot Wheels and Star Wars action figures (like the one of Leia in a slave outfit) specifically so they could sell them for high prices at conventions. We’d even catch these people looking through our warehouse in the back. We’d be like “wtf are you doing back here?” They’d be like “oh, sorry, we can’t come back here?” And we’d be like “don’t be dumb, don’t you remember when I kicked you out last week?”

So I said forget that, I’d find out which of the ones were most valuable and then hide them until after the collectors left, and then put them on the shelves for the kids to buy.  Screw the collectors trying to make a profit. Toys are for kids.

And my friend used to work at Victoria’s Secret.  Here is her story:

yea, when I worked at vickies we got to take neat stuff home too if we wanted it(just our store, we weren’t supposed to). We had a guy working there and he took home one of the big window clings of the models.

We never had many of the pokemon beanie babies, but we still have about 2-3 of the bed in a bag bag’s STUFFED with beanie babies. My mother went nuts for them, bought 1 for each of us kids and thought when they went SUPER big and rare she’d be able to sell them and put us through college. She doesn’t like talking about them now.

And I agree with you, it sucks that people will do that and charge crazy amounts. I’ve read on some forums that these guys will get to know when shipments come in at toys r’ us and hound all the stores for the good toys. I went to a con in san fran and people were charging crazy amounts for things. I think what was even worse though were the “celebs” charging crazy amounts for autographs.

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