Things That Make You Feel Good

Things That Make You Feel Good

I always look forward to the weekend and this one is no exception. It is going to be busy but one of the busy weekends that you don’t mind. It starts early Saturday morning with helping my friend Steve move into his new apartment. I know that moving might not be the most enjoyable thing in the world but Steve is one of my best friends. He also helped me out years ago when I moved into my place so I have no qualms in returning the favor. Plus he doesn’t have all that much stuff and isn’t moving far so it shouldn’t take long. He’s also taking me out to breakfast afterwards. Free food is always the best kind of food in my opinion.

After that I’m coming home to shower and get ready for my nephew’s football game. He’s a senior this year and this Saturday is his homecoming game. He is a three year starter on varsity and has had some interest from some Division 2 colleges. He plays tight end and outside linebacker and is also their punter. The colleges are mainly interested him on offense. His team is undefeated so far this year and is exciting to watch so it should be fun. I’m meeting my sister and brother-in-law there and afterwards I think we are going out for a late lunch but that isn’t set in stone.  My brother-in-law really gets into the games. I keep telling him he should be a coach as he is really knowledgeable.

That night I actually have a date. I’m not really looking for a relationship right now but I’m not opposed to one either. My coworker Jill and I are really close and she set me up with this date with her friend Michelle. It isn’t a blind date as I have seen her picture and her mine. We have talked on the phone a few times too. We decided to meet up for a drink and see where it goes from there. I really don’t know what to expect. I’ll either be home early or hopefully we kick it off and this is the start of something between us. I know one thing for sure and that is on Monday Jill will want all the details from my viewpoint. There is no doubt she will have already talked to Michelle about what happened. I just hope we at least get along and it isn’t awkward after ten minutes of talking to one another.

Sunday like most Sundays this time of the year is going to be heavy on the football. I usually go over to my friend Shad’s house. He’s a Redskins fan and if they are on that is what is on but they have a bye this week. He has the Sunday Ticket and can flip around to whatever game is on. Steve and another friend Mark usually come over too. We’ll order some food and make a long day out of it. We all play fantasy football both against each other and in other leagues so that makes it fun. I’m actually playing against Mark this week and we both have no losses so that should be a good matchup. My team, the Philadelphia Eagles, actually play tonight so they will be off on Sunday. I like when that happens because I’m not bugging Shad to change the channel to their game. These days I usually have their game streaming on my phone when they are on so it isn’t a big deal if he wants to watch a different game. The streams nowadays are pretty solid and most are in high definition.

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