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Winter Break

Winter Break

My brother just came back home for Christmas break from university.  He just finished the first semester of his freshman year and hearing him talk about it makes me remember when I was at university, too.  Thins sure have changed, though!  Ok, when I was a Freshman, about half the people on our floor had computers.  If you wanted internet access, you had to use  your room’s phone line, and of course that meant that you couldn’t make (or receive) any phone calls during that time.   It was dialup access, which meant it was slow.  We used to download a lot of music back then, and I remember it would take like an hour to get a single song.  Of course, we all thought it was the coolest thing in the world so we weren’t complaining.

When I was a sophomore they were supposed to wire our dorm for high speed internet access, except they messed it up or something, so we didn’t get high speed access until second semester.  But holy cow was it ever fast.  Downloading a song now only took a few minutes, if that.

My brother’s dorm has wireless internet if they want it, as well as an ethernet connection.  Pretty much everyone there has a laptop, or a computer, or both.

When I was at university, email was kind of a new thing, and we all got university email addresses, and all our professors were trying to explain to us what email was.  Now it’s such a normal thing.  Everyone has like a dozen addresses.

So anyway, my brother was talking about how there was a break in in his dorm a few weeks back, and everyone is kind of freaked out now.  They tell you to always lock your door if you go anywhere, but still.  So for Christmas I’m getting my brother a dorm safe.  It weighs 30 pounds, so that will at least discourage people from trying to take it, but you can also lock it to a floor panel.  I think it will give him some peace of mind.

I told my brother to enjoy university.  Looking back, I really miss it.  I remember being excited to get into the “real world” or whatever, but that really was the best time of my life.  Real life can be boring and stressful.  Of course, he won’t realize that until after he graduates, cuz that’s how it works.  Anyway, I’ll probably head over to my parents around the 23rd or so (I gotta work in the meantime, you know!) and see them and give them their presents.  Hopefully this safe works out.

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