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It’s important to travel to different places to experience different styles of life from different perspectives.  A lot of people spend all their time in one area or town or city and end up with a somewhat limited view of the world around them.  Sure, they can see things on TV, but it’s different to actually go experience them.  That’s not saying you have to go live in the desert or something, but just visiting other countries or cities can kind of shape your world views and understanding of people, and that’s always a good thing.

This is something that I want to start doing more of, too, by the way.  My traveling experience so far is pretty limited.  I’ve been to a few US and Canadian cities but have never left the continent.  I’m planning on changing that soon.  There are a lot of places I want to go, and I don’t want to keep putting it off because people tell me the things you put off you keep putting off and eventually never get around to them.  I want to go all over the world.  I want to visit Italy and ride on a gondola.  I want to visit France and go to Paris and visit the Louvre, and the Eiffel tower and have a picnic in the field and then go to a cafe just relax and revel in the fact that I’m in France.

I’d like to go to Asia and have sushi at a restaurant on a hidden away street in Japan and then see a Noh play or a sumo match.  I’d like to go to Indonesia and visit the beach and go shopping and learn Indonesian and book a hotel Bandung in the native language.  Btw, did you know Indonesia puts the adjective after the noun (like Spanish and Thai)?

And at every place I go, I just want to chill and talk to locals and share stories and experiences and learn more about the people and their perspectives on the world.  I’d like to move abroad if I find a place I like living enough.  I have a friend who did just that; he went traveling in Europe and ended up moving to Holland because he liked it so much.  That dude is so happy, he’s just like, yeah man, it’s great here.  Of course, he’s one of those people who are always happy anyway, but he’s probably happy because he follows what he wants to do and doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks.

I need to be more like that.

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