Three Paychecks!

Three Paychecks!

This is one of the 2 months that I get paid 3 times and this past Friday was the first check. I usually wait until the last one to have fun with it but I actually needed some things this time so I ordered them today. Most of it was stuff for my new apartment. I bought some wire shelving that I plan on putting up in my 2nd bedroom. The room itself is pretty small so I am making it into an office. I am not going to put a bed or anything like that in there. I doubt I’ll have many people staying over anyways. I just moved to this city and don’t have a lot of friends. Right now it is basically just this girl I work with named Erin. She’s nice and all but right now we only have a coworker/friend relationship. I have thought about asking her to do something after work sometime but I’m going to wait until we are a little friendlier with each other before doing that. The last thing I want is for her to say no or even worse would be for her to say yes but awkwardly.

I also ordered a new entertainment center and am pretty excited about getting it. I’m not excited about putting it together but I’ll manage. I guess I could ask this guy that lives on my floor to help me if needed. We are both smokers and smoke outside and I’ve chatted with him a few times. He seems nice but is older and I can’t say I’m attracted to him at all so there will be no romance between us. He hasn’t flirted or anything with me so maybe he doesn’t think I’m too attractive either. I guess he could also have a girlfriend or wife that lives with him but I didn’t see a ring on his finger. My Dad doesn’t wear a wedding band though so that doesn’t mean much.

Anyways I am starting to ramble here so I’m going to wrap this up soon. I still have a couple hundred dollars to play around with so I’m going to do some more online shopping. I really wouldn’t mind a new phone but am still a month or so away from being eligible for an upgrade. I guess I can hold off until then although the phone I have now is really starting to tick me off. It keeps freezing and the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the battery.

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