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Strange Incident

Strange Incident

Last night was kind of a mess.  I was at the bar with my friend and we were just having a normal night.  We met up with a few people and closed out the first bar and then decided to head a few streets over to another bar that is open until 3am.  I haven’t been out that late in a long time but you know how it goes when your friends are in town.  So anyway, that bar closed, and rather than go to a 4am bar (we’re not in our early 20’s anymore!) we decided to call it a night.  I offered my friend my couch if he didn’t want to drive back home.  You see, he lives out in the burbs, and while it’s only about a 35 mile drive, I didn’t want him to have to drive home so late.  We had stopped drinking a few hours before this point (again, we’re not in our early 20’s anymore!).  My friend assured me that he was fine, so after a late night snack (pizza places that are open 24 hours a day are your friend), we said our goodbyes and he headed home.

Well, apparently he got stopped on his way home and charged with a DUI.  But the crazy part is he said they asked him to take a breathalizer and he agreed because he thought he was fine, and he blew under the legal limit.  And he still got arrested.

He said he’s kind of blown away that it happened.  He’s planning on getting a DUI lawyer in Sarasota and fighting it because he doesn’t think he should get a DUI if he wasn’t over the legal limit.

I didn’t even know that was possible.  Part of the reason I like living in the city is because I can pretty much walk wherever I want and not have to worry about driving home.  I mean there’s always taxis and public transportation if it’s too cold to walk or whatever, but the point is you don’t have to drive.  Not to mention, finding parking is always task in the city, too.  You basically either have to find a spot that’s open, which can require driving around for a while until one opens up which you still might have to pay for if it’s a metered spot, or you have to pay for parking in a garage or lot somewhere which is going to be about as much as you would’ve spent on a taxi, anyway.  That’s like added incentive not to drive.

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