Skipping Commercials

Skipping Commercials

I record most of the TV shows that I want to watch and then watch them later so I can fast forward through the commercials.  I really dislike commercials, especially when I’m already paying for cable TV.  Have you ever noticed that in most things, when you pay, you don’t get ads?  That’s how computer software is, that’s how subscriptions to certain websites are, and that’s even how the apps I download on my smartphone are.  But with TV, paying doesn’t remove the ads (commercials).  That being said, there are some commercials that make me laugh.  In particular, I like the commercials where a company specifically talks smack about its competitors.

You see that kind of thing with laundry detergent commercials, for example.  They’ll take two stained shirts and wash one in the competitor’s detergent, and the other one in their super awesome ultra detergent, and then show you the results.  Surprise!  The one washed in their detergent is perfectly clean and the one washed in their competitor’s still has a visible stain remaining.

You see it with auto insurance commercials, too.  Now, most commercials are just like “hey, here’s are product, look how awesome it is,” but car insurance companies seem to like having mascots.  What does a Gecko have to do with car insurance?  Or a caveman?  Or a comedienne who works in a pristine white store?  Nothing.  But apparently they’re doing their job because I remember them.  The best car insurance commercials, though, are the ones where they show rates from each of the different companies to show you that theirs are the lowest.  Now, I still get my car insurance rates online, but I do enjoy the TV commercials.  I do most of my shopping online, as a matter of fact, but that’s another topic.

Now, things like laundry detergent and insurance rates can be objectively compared, but sometimes you see commercials try to do the same thing with something subjective, the the taste of pizza.  They’ll show two people on the street trying two different types of food and they’ll have everyone saying one brand is better.  This isn’t as effective.  How do I know those people have good taste?  Did you know some people have a specific gene that makes them not like cilantro?  That’s why some people think cilantro smells like soap or bugs, and why other people think it smells great.  I love cilantro.  So if someone tells me something with cilantro in it is gross, why should I take their word for it?

Plus, how do you even know their “comparisons” are accurate?  Maybe they only showed footage of the people who said their product tasted better.

But like I said, I usually just skip the commercials cuz I record the stuff on my DVR.

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