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Long Subway Ride

Long Subway Ride

My subway ride to work this morning was long.  I’m not sure why.  I did the same thing I always do, get on the redline at 7:10am, and normally it’s a 20 minute ride with a few stops, and pretty consistently drops me off at my stop at 7:30, and then I walk two blocks and I’m at my office.

But today after a couple stops, the train just stopped.  They never told  us what was going on, either.  The only thing that happened was a voice came over the intercom saying they were experiencing delays.  We sat there not moving for about 15 or 20 minutes before it finally picked up again, so I ended up not getting to work until after 8:00 which kind of threw off my schedule.

A lot of people on the train were getting visibly upset, trying to open the doors to stick their head out and see what was going on (as if that’s going to work), or getting angry and swearing, etc.  I try not to do that kind of stuff, though, and instead I just pulled out my phone and started playing some games.

I swear, I think I use my phone to play games more than I use it to actually make calls.  I’ve been playing Words With Friends (which is basically Scrabble) with a few of my friends for months now.  I usually win, too, because there’s a website you can go to and put in your letters and it will tell you the best words to make.  It’s kind of cheating, but I usually lose if I don’t use that site, so sometimes I’ll just play normally but then when I start losing I’ll get some suggestions from that site.

I also play Angry Birds.  I love that game, let me tell you.  I have every version of it.  I have a page on the home screen of my Android phone that is only Angry Birds games.  At work, they gave us tablets to bring with us when visiting clients and guess what the first thing I installed was?  Angry Birds.  And it looks AWESOME on a tablet cuz the screen is so big.  It also gives me more accuracy to aim my shots because there’s more physical space to move your finger in.  I was even meeting with a client last week and I was showing him something on my tablet and he saw the Angry Birds icon and goes “oh, you have that game?  I play that all the time!”  Needless to say, we clicked and that meeting went very well.

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