I Want To Learn To Surf

I Want To Learn To Surf

I think learning to surf would be awesome.  Have you ever been to the beach and seen people out there surfing?  Doesn’t it look fun?  Come on, you know it does.  And I’d like to try it.  It’s like skateboarding on the water.

I remember when I was kid we all had skateboards.  I was never very good at skating, though.  I got my first board when I was  8 or so and I learned to ride it well enough but I could never do any real tricks.  I couldn’t even ollie which is like the most basic of all skateboard tricks.  I remember practicing it in my parents’ garage but never being able to figure out how those guys did it.  How could they do it without their feet being strapped to the board?

I liked skateboarding well enough, but the reason I stopped is because I couldn’t really do it in the street.  You see, our driveway was fine.  It was nice and smooth, but when I would try to ride my skateboard in the street, if I ever hit one of those little pebbles my board would stop but I would keep going.  After that happened a few times I realized I probably shouldn’t leave my driveway, and that just wasn’t much fun.

Maybe I just didn’t have the right kind of wheels or something.

Anyway, I would like to try surfing.  I don’t think you can just buy a surfboard and go teach yourself, though, so I’d probably want to go to a surf camp, maybe something like this, or take lessons or something.  I don’t even think it’s the kind of thing you can watch a video of to learn how to do.  You probably have to have someone there helping you along the way and correcting your mistakes in person.  At least I would guess cuz it seems pretty involved.

Then again, I’ve seen videos on TV of dogs surfing, so I’m not sure how hard it actually is.

The fact that I don’t live anywhere near the ocean probably isn’t helping anything.  I suppose I’ll either have to take a vacation to somewhere close to a beach, or maybe I should just move there.  That would certainly be a different climate than what I’m used to here where it snows in the winter.  I actually kind of like it when it’s cooler (around 10 degrees C is a comfortable temperature for me).  But we’ll see; I’m not sure how my boss would feel about me moving!

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