Going To Get This Computer On The Internet

Going To Get This Computer On The Internet

I’m in the market for a new router.  I’ve been using just the computer in my second office recently so it’s not like I have really had a need for one, but I’m going to be getting another computer and hooking that one up and it will need some way of going online.  Having two computers will make it easier for two people to be online at the same time which means we won’t be trying to kick each other off when we want to download something.

I don’t really have any idea what kind of router to get so I have been looking them up online.  I know there are a few brands that make different models although I am not really certain which models have which features.  I saw something called dual band and that is probably a good thing, and then I know that they can support a different number of computers, but since I am only going to need two I think that most of them will do that.

Maybe, though, I should learn a bit more before I make my decision.  I was reading about the Netgear r6300 which looks good and I think it will definitely do all the things that it should do, and from the research so far it should be good.  I also want to look at some from Linksys and Sony but I would bet that they are probably all very close in features.  So really I just need to find the one that I think will work the best and get that one.  Since I’ve never set it up before I hope that it comes with some good documentation, although I’m sure it’s probably not that hard because most of the wireless internet connections I’ve used have been at people’s houses and they didn’t seem to have much that they needed to look up so it’s probably going to be pretty basic.  The only thing I need to do is make sure I get everything set up correctly so that I don’t have any issues or things to deal with that I won’t be able to fix.  I think i am going to put it on the shelf in the room so that each computer is the same distance fro it although I’m sure that the signal will reach far enough that it wouldn’t really matter where I put it and it’s even going to reach our neighbors, probably but I need to make sure they can’t access it.

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