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A trip to the country

A trip to the country

So I was just invited to the wedding of one of my friends from college.  I love weddings; they are usually always a ton of fun.  But this is going to be a bit different than what I’m used to because as you know, I am a downtown type of guy:  I live in a modern high rise in the city.  I walk or take public transportation everywhere.  I don’t even own a car.

My friend and his fiancée moved out to the country a few years ago.  I’ve been out there once before and it’s the total opposite of what I’m used to!  I live in a 700 square foot apartment.  They have a big house on like 3 acres!  He has a pickup truck and a riding lawnmower.  The wedding should be awesome, though.  Like I said, they’re almost always fun, and they’re having the wedding on their property in the back yard.

My friend said he wants me to get there a day early and look at some trucks for sale with him.  I was like “dude, shouldn’t you be preparing for your wedding the day before?”  He was like “don’t worry, it will only take a few hours.”

I think he’s crazy, but he’s one of my good friends so of course I said yes.  I wonder if his wife-to-be knows what we’re doing!  Despite not having a vehicle, I do know a thing or two about trucks, and due to my job I’m pretty decent at negotiating price, so I can see why he invited me out, although to tell you the truth I think he just wants a break from the pre-wedding madness, and what better break than doing something manly like looking at trucks?

The thing I remember most from last time I visited him out there is his huge garage.  His garage holds 4 cars, has extra room off to the side for a workstation, and is even two stories tall to accommodate a life he has in there.  Seriously.  Like an actual lift to raise up his trucks so he can get under them and do some work.  How awesome is it to have your own lift in your garage?  He said I could bring my car out there to work on it if I ever got another car.  Ha.  I think that was his joke about me living downtown.

I guess living out where he lives it makes sense to have a pickup truck.  He’s always hauling stuff around… wood to build a fence, a dog house, groceries, etc.  Even going to his mailbox is a bit of a journey.  They have one of those houses that is like pretty far off the main road.  His driveway is probably a quarter mile long.  I’m not exaggerating!

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